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Sunshine Box Project, What Is It?

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My brother Bud works for Ally Bank. I was so happy when we were invited to be a part of their Ally Charlotte Team LEAD Giving Back program. We had 26 Ally employees at their corporate HQ in uptown Charlotte that participated in a HUGE wrapping party. We had three rooms full of wrappers! They gave freely of their time, and also contributed some items to go in the bags! They wrapped somewhere between 750 and 1,000 items!!!! This is such a HUGE help for us. And it was mostly men! Of course they had to figure out the best "system" to do it most efficiently. smile emoticon As you can see in the pics, they did a great job! Special thanks to Sharla Collins and Jamie Kistler, who were the event planners and coordinators. And of course to Bud, for making them aware of our mission - bringing a little sunshine to those with cancer going through a dark time. THANK YOU ALLY!